No Time to Train?

10 to 20 minutes is all you need!

People often ask me what to do if they want to lose weight and have no time to train.

Fresh Greens Mallorca KettlebellsThe first and most obvious solution that takes no time at all is dieting.  Diet is 70% of the battle for fat loss and it can be greatly speeded up by adding specific fat loss training methods.  Pick any diet you like (apart from the Atkins diet or anything that proposes no vegetables and ridiculous diets like the maple syrup diet) and stick to it!  Don’t modify it because you have heard that actually, eating chocolate, as long as it’s over 75% Cocoa isn’t fattening or anything similar, an average size chocolate bar is 1000 calories; that’s almost half the recommended daily intake for a woman..  All of those amazing diets work, but you have to do them.  One that I have recently tried and got amazing results with is the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler.


One arm swing Mallorca Kettlebells

Ten to twenty minutes of Swings

Do you have ten to twenty minutes three times a week?  That’s a maximum of 1 hour of training a week.  I think even the most occupied human being could manage to fit that into their schedule.  Also, if you really want to lose the weight then you will make time to do the exercise.  As I have mentioned many times before, there are very few things in this world that are more important than your health so it should be easy to find a slot to do some exercise.

Kettlebell Swings and Snatches

Get a kettlebell (16kg for men and 12kg for women) and swing it as many times as you can in the time period that you chose.  The kettlebell swing is one of the most effective exercises for fat loss as it is a full body ballistic exercise.  There isn’t another exercise that works more muscles and puts such a high demand on your metabolism.  Well, that’s not entirely true, there is one exercise that burns more calories and that is the kettle bell snatch.  You can do the same protocol with snatches.  That’s all you need!  One piece of equipment and one exercise.  Some of you may have heard of Tracy Reifkind; she lost 50kg in a year with this same protocol and the Warrior Diet.

If you have never done kettlebell training before it is best to get taught (at least the basic movements, swing, clean and press and tgu) from a IKFF CKT or RKC certified instructor.

Don’t have a kettlebell?

Pick any full body exercise and perform it at a high enough intensity for twenty minutes.  Examples are 10 second sprints, body weight squats, bicycle sprints, hill walking, running on a trampoline, burpees, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, etc etc.  Do around ten to twenty reps or ten second blasts giving an all out effort, rest for a couple of seconds and then repeat till the time runs out.

A protocol that is often used in CrossFit is choosing three to five exercises with a set number of reps each and performing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in the chosen time period.

An example of this would be:

20 Kettle bell Swings
15 Bodyweight Squats
10 Pushups
5 Pull Ups

Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes and then every time you do the same workout again, try and beat your previous score.

If you don’t know how to swing or snatch a kettle bell then check out one of my kettle bell courses here!

Check back soon as I will be putting up a series of Kettlebell instructional videos so that you can learn all of the exercises at home.


Russian Kettlebells

In this article I would like to explain what it is that makes kettlebell training so great and how doing just one kettlebell exercise three times a week can have you well on your way to that beach body for the summer!

What is a Kettlebell?

Mallorca KettlbellsA kettlebell is a weight that looks like a canon ball with a handle. Kettlebell training is one of the only forms of weight lifting that increases muscular strength, endurance and dynamic flexibility all at the same time.

Part of the secret that makes this system so effective is the design of the weight.  With a normal weight you have the centre of gravity in your hand.  With a Kettlebell the centre of gravity is farther away from your hand on the end of the handle.  This makes the weight harder to control as it is free to move about.

The Kettlebell Swing

Mallorca kettlebells learn the swing!The basis of all kettlebell movements is the swing.  Dan John (one of the top American strength coaches) has this to say about the swing: “The metabolic hit of a correct set of swings is going to be shocking. It’s one of the best conditioning exercises I know. And according to a new study coming out of the University of Wisconsin, the kettlebell snatch – which is quite similar, metabolically speaking – is “equivalent to running a six-minute mile pace” and “burns as many calories as cross-country skiing up hill at a fast pace”.  The swing is a simple move to watch but a little more complex to learn.  This is why it is extremely important to get taught by a qualified kettlebell instructor. I have seen many personal trainers in Mallorca claiming to be kettlebell instructors teaching poor technique and performing normal dumbbell exercises with kettlebells.  If you are not doing swings, snatches and Turkish get ups then you are not doing kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training is fast and effective!

Not having time to train isn’t a valid excuse any more!  Doing five to fifteen minutes of swings 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, three times a week is more than enough work to keep you in good shape.  If you’re the sedentary type with a little weight to lose then the 30/30 protocol will have that excess gone in no time.

Kettlebell Snatch – The Ultimate Conditioning Tool!

As Dan John has mentioned the snatch, lets learn a little about it.  The kettlebell snatch is a variation of the Olympic weight lifting move with the same name.  Whereas the Olympic weight lifting move can take years to master and can incur great bodily harm, as it involves lifting heavy weights from the floor to above the head in one move, the kettlebell snatch takes only a few lessons to learn and has all of the benefits of the Olympic exercise.  The kettlebell snatch is great for increasing power and explosiveness in athletes and it is also the ultimate conditioning weapon for martial artists and endurance cyclists or runners.

Turkish Get Up – The All Star Kettlebell Exercise

The last exercise I would like to introduce you to is the “all star” of kettlebell exercises.  If I were forced to chose only one exercise to do for the rest of my life it would have to be the Turkish get up.  This odd sounding exercise also awards you with some odd looks when performed in a commercial gym.  It involves lying down on the floor, pressing a kettlebell into the air and then getting up off the floor while holding the kettlebell over head.  Once we have got up to standing it is time to get back down to the floor again.  It is a full body exercise that concentrates on shoulder stability and core strength as well as working every other muscle in your body.

Kettlebell training has something for everyone; it is suitable for men and women of all ages, for beginners looking to learn something new, effective and fun, or for the experienced athlete looking for that little something that is going to give them the edge over their competition.

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