Mallorca Kettlebells Level 3

Double Kettlebell Training Course

You have mastered kettlebell training using one kettlebell and now you want something more!

Double kettlebell training is the best way to maximise your training benefits as you get almost double the work done in the same time. Double kettlebells are also really versatile in that you can combine exercises to create total body complexes that will get you ripped and super strong in a very short workout session.

What you will learn

Double Kettlebell Swing

Swinging two kettlebells is a little more complicated than swinging a single. For a start you have double the weight and this means that you have to maintain a lot more tension in the body so that the bells don’t pull you around. Double swings give you great core strength, superior conditioning and amazing grip strength as well as burning loads of calories in a short period of time!


Double Clean

Your press is only as good as your clean so it is important to be able to clean very heavy loads. If you cant clean a heavy kettlebell you are never going to be able to press it over head.

Double Military Press

The double press builds strong resilient shoulders. This is a strict press using only the power of your upper body to move the weight. Heavy double military presses separate the boys from the men!

Double Push Press

The double push press allows you to move more weight than you can military press by using the power of your legs. This allows you to work with heavier loads which illicits a greater hormonal response.


The Jerk is the most efficient way to get a load overhead and is used when you want to do long, high rep sets with a heavy weight. The Jerk is one of the staples of Girovey Sport which is the sport of kettlebell lifting.


Renegade Row

The renegade row is the ultimate core exercise. The first time I did this exercise my abs were sore for days! The renegade row combines a plank with a row making it a great combination exercise to save time and build a super strong core!

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