What has changed a year later?

My waistline!!!
I’m obviously fitter and stronger, gone down 3 trouser sizes.

Jill before training at Mallorca Kettlebells

Jill before training at Mallorca Kettlebells

What are the main benefits you have had with semi-personal training that you wouldn’t have had training by yourself or with a personal trainer, 1 to 1?

I could never train by myself, as I do not have the dedication or will power and would never find the time, the same with a gym, as that gets repetitive and boring and there is always a reason not to go.  A personal trainer 1 to 1 would also be good, but having someone doing it alongside me gives more of an incentive to improve, you see that everyone has different strengths/weaknesses, lets you realise that no one is superhuman like the PT,  gives you moral support and makes you go as you do not want to let the other person down.

Has what you have done in the gym had any effect on your life outside the gym?

Yes, I am more conscious of what I eat, have more energy, do not get so stressed, it has taken my mind off things helping me to cope better when bad things are throw at me and it has given me the opportunity to buy new clothes as all my old ones don’t fit!

Do you feel that the money and effort you have invested has been well spent?

For me it is a lot of money every month to spend on one thing, but that is part of the incentive to go to every session and I realise it is really good value compared to going to a gym or having a personal trainer.  It was a lot of effort at the beginning and you really have to stick with it for at least 3 months to see the real benefit, but then you are cruising and just keep on improving.  Now I could not imagine not going to the training sessions twice a week, it is all I have time to do fitness wise and it is amazing the difference it makes.

Jill's old pants!

Would you recommend semi-personal training and why?

A semi-personal trainer gives you the best of all worlds,  a personal trainer at a price you can afford, plenty of individual attention, but also the companionship and motivation of training with others.

Anything else you would like to add?

As personal trainers go Luke is great, not intimidating, he seems to be able to feel how far he can push, is very motivational, adapts to your needs and offers extremely varied training sessions.  Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and go for something and then reap the rewards of a healthier you both physically and mentally.

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