Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training Course Mallorca

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Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training Course

In this course I will show you all of the foundation movements of kettlebell and bodyweight training. I will also show you my tried and tested system that I have refined over the past 6 years on how to train in the fastest and most effective manner and how to adjust it to cater for your specific goals e.g., fat loss, health, general fitness, athleticism, muscle mass and strength.

The most important part of this course is that you will learn how to move correctly while performing exercise. This will ensure safe and effective workouts, helping you achieve your chosen fitness goals in a fast, safe and effective manner.

As well as being a stand alone system, what you will learn in this course will also be applicable to barbell and dumbbell weight lifting. All human movement is based around squatting, the hip hinge, lunging, twisting and upper body pushing and pulling movements. In this course you will learn them all and then be able to apply them to every type of training or sporting activity.


What you will learn

Kettlebell Foundation Exercises

  • 2 Handed Swing and Swing Variations

  • 1 Arm Swing + Variations

  • Kettlebell Clean and Press

  • Goblet Squat + Kettlebell Squat Variations

  • Kettlebell Row

Body Weight Exercisespush up sequence

  • Body Weight Squat

  • Lunges + variations

  • Push Ups

  • Squat Thrust

  • Burpees

  • Jumping Jack

  • Mountain Climbers

  • Walk Outs

  • Pull Ups + Variations and Progressions (only if performed at the gym or with availability of pull up bar)

Course Structure

The course is implemented by having two, one to one (or small group) sessions per week, for 4 weeks.
This gives you time to practice the exercises learnt by yourself before the next session. I have found that this method gives the best results in the fastest time and ensures that you will be capable of training, without supervision in a safe and effective manner by the end of the course.
On the first session we will learn the kettlebell Swing which is the foundational movement of kettlebell training and build up from there.

On subsequent sessions we will work on new movements and clean up and perfect movements that we learnt in the previous sessions.

The focus of the Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training course is on learning correct technique.
Once we have achieved good technique, you will learn how to combine the bodyweight and kettlebell exercises into an effective workout program, catered to achieving your specific goals.

How many people are necessary for the kettlebell and bodyweight course?

The course can be done 1 to 1 or in a small groups of up to 5 people.

Where do you do the course?

The course can be done in the gym, at your house, boat, apartment etc or in the park. Basically anywhere where there is enough room (about 4sqm per person) and has a fairly flat surface.
In Mallorca.

Do I need my own kettlebells?

No, I will provide all equipment necessary for the course, although you will improve much faster if you buy a kettlebell (or have access to one) to practice between sessions.

What Weight Kettlebell Should I buy?

In general:
Men will start with a single 16kg kettlebell.

Women often need to buy two, a 12kg and an 8kg kettlebell as women tend to find 12kg to heavy for the pressing exercises.

Before buying a kettlebell shoot me a quick email describing your age, weight, general fitness and strength levels and I will let you know what to buy.

How Much Do Kettlebells Cost?

Kettlebells cost around 22€, 25€ and 40€ for 8kg, 12kg, 16kg kettlebells.

When Can I Start?

Straight away!
Send me an email to info(at) and let the fun begin!


CrossFit Style Kettlebell WOD for Strength and Weight loss!

Here is a great CrossFit style kettlebell WOD that I use with my clients.

It’s short but intense!

Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

20 Min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
10 Swings
10 hand to hand swings
5+5 Thrusters
5 or 10 push ups

If you’re a beginner start with 5 push ups and if you like a challenge make it 10.

Every time you repeat the workout try to improve on your last score even if it’s just by one rep.

Robert doing a great job!


Kettlebell Swing For CrossFit

Mallorca kettlebells learn the swing!

The overhead kettlebell swing is used a lot in WOD’s and after seeing  many video’s on youtube of CrossFitter’s with terrible swing technique I decided to put this article and video together.

Before we get started I would just like to say that I am not your typical CrossFit basher.  I work out of a CrossFit gym here in Spain.  I really like and use a lot of the same sort of training principles (E.D.T) with myself and clients and have been doing CrossFit for a while now as a supplement to my kettlebell training.

The Kettlebell Swing for CrossFit

It is really important to master the traditional Russian swing before trying the overhead swing.  I see a lot of squatty swings in CrossFit which is largely due to not spending enough time learning correct technique in the normal swing.

It is easier to keep something in motion than it is to start and stop it.  Squatty swings start and stop the kettlebell very aggressively which takes a lot of effort as opposed to the more flowing hamstring dominant swing which uses a smooth curve at the bottom of the movement, redirecting the force of the bell back instead of straight down.  The flowier hamstring dominant swing also puts less stress on the grip and saves the quads for the other exercises you have in the WOD.

Use your legs man!

You need to make good use of the power of the legs to get that bell overhead.  I see a lot of people yanking it overhead with their arms; this is (once again) because they haven’t spent enough time training the traditional swing.  With the over head swing you want to give the bell a blast of power to get it to balance overhead with your arms locked out before dropping it and redirecting back and behind for another rep.  You shouldn’t really use your arms at all to move the bell, they should just follow.

Better WOD times

You can greatly improve on your WOD times by working on your swing technique. Better technique will mean that you have more power left in the arms and legs for the other exercises and you can use the KB swing as the “rest” in your WOD.


Helen is a good example of a classic WOD that you can greatly improve your time by practicing the swing.  If you do the swings properly you will have a lot more power left in your arms and grip for the pull ups and your quads will be fresh for the 400m run.

Check out the video for more in depth tips and correctional drills to improve your swings for CrossFit!